729 flushing oil 2.5 litres

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729 flushing oil 2.5 litres

SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil

A flushing Oil is a light mineral oil especially formulated for purging oil systems before switching to a SWEPCO High Performance Lubricant. The use of SWEPCO 729 helps insure optimum performance from any SWEPCO Compressor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid, Industrial Oil, Gear Oil or Engine Oil. Simply draining old lubricants does not entirely remove the old lubricant from the system. Intricate oil passages, reservoirs, fluid lines, cylinders, accumulators, pumps, separators coolers and other oil system components can retain residual oil that can contaminate new SWEPCO Lubricants. A brief flushing cycle with SWEPCO 729 insures more complete elimination of old lubricants from the entire system. This is especially critical in compressor changeovers. It also removes loose deposits so they will not have a negative effect on compressor efficiency or operation.

  • Helps insure optimum performance from SWEPCO Lubricants
  • Recommended for flushing transmissions, hydraulic systems, gearboxes, differentials, final drives and engines

If transmissions, hydraulic systems, engines or gearboxes are known to be dirty, have high miles or hours or have demonstrated performance issues, flushing is also recommended for them before changing to SWEPCO Lubricants. Finally, because some synthetic chemistries can have an adverse effect on petroleum base oils, flushing with SWEPCO 729 is also recommended for any component being switched from a synthetic lubricant. Highly Recommended for:

  • Any component that has been run on a synthetic oil
  • Any component with high mileage, high hours, that is known to be dirty or that has demonstrated performance issues