At Winchester Gears we are proud to offer our. Fully rebuilt and restored, Genuine/OEM R380 Gearboxes.

Our rebuilds begin with a full component strip down. 

Casing are blasted and cleaned.

The cast gear housing and the sandwich plate is coated in smooth gloss black.

The rear aluminium housing is left bare.

The full OEM parts list that is replaced as standard on every rebuild is:

Pinion taper bearing

Main shaft taper bearings

Layshaft taper bearings

Main shaft Rear support block roller bearing

Layshaft rear support block roller bearing

1st gear needle roller bearing 

2nd gear needle roller bearing

3rd gear needle roller bearing

5th gear needle roller bearing 

Reverse needle roller bearing

1st Gear 3 parts syncro rings

2nd Gear 3 parts syncro rings

3rd Gear 3 parts syncro rings

4th Gear syncro ring 

5th Gear syncro ring

Reverse Gear syncro ring

1st & 2nd shift plates

3nd & 4th shift plates

5th & Reverse shift plates

X6 Gear hub clips

Main shaft circlip

Mainshaft locking coaler 

Oil pump

Oil gallery ORings

Input seal

Output seal

Oil filter

All gears, shafts, selectors and other components are examined and checked for wear and fatigue.
Any parts replaces are Genuine,OEM or G rated ONLY.

All original bolts are used. Drain & Filler plugs are cleaned and zinc coated.

The R380 is Assembled to factory clearances and torque settings. The main shaft and layshaft are shimmed to preload. We seal the casings with a polyurethane adhesive and sealant.


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