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Winchester Gears Stage LT230 boxes !

For those who don’t know, our stage lt230s are an upgraded version of the standard defender and discovery transfer boxes. We considered all the usual points of failure and looked at how to improve on this. Other companies such as Ashcroft, Roamer Drive, had already found solutions to many of these issues so rather than re invent the wheel we use many of these solutions on our boxes and added our own modifications. 

Sleeved main casing:
The intermediate shaft bore is prone to wear and becomes a common point of oil leaks. To solve this problem the casing is machined and a steel sleeve fitted. 
The Main-shaft bearing bore is also something we often see damaged so a  top hat sleeve is also fitted here. 
On our US spec stage boxes we triple sleeve the casing fitting 17.4ph sleeves to all bores. 

Intermediate shaft: 
The intermediate shafts that holds the intermediate gear in place are nearly always worn when we strip transfer units. This in turn allows the gear set to run out of true which causes transmission noise and in late 1.21 gear-sets total failure of gears.
We use the same 17.4ph material to make our Heavy duty shafts. Problem solved. 

High capacity Sump:
Roamer Drive HC sumps are fitted to all stage boxes apart from TDCI models where the exhaust route won’t allow this. An extra 0.6 litres of oil is now at work keeping your transfer box cool and lubricated. These sumps also allow for a temperature gauge sensor to be fitted. 

Centre Diff: 
This is where the stage 1&2 differ. Up to now both have the same upgrades. The stage 1 uses a HD one piece cross shaft, replacing the weak standard 2 piece design. A very good idea and a great solution to a very common point of failure. 
The stage 2 is fitted with an Ashcroft ATB limited slip diff. A helical design that bias the torque and drive between the front and rear axle. Not only are these strong as hell but the performance they offer is fantastic. There are instances when it's not convenient to keep the diff locked or to constantly lock and unlock the diff as the available traction dictates, i.e,  when racing fast on a low traction surface, the vehicle will not handle well when locked but is likely to wheel spin when unlocked. 
Another example of where the Ashcroft Torque Biasing Centre  would help would be when rapidly changing from high to low traction surfaces,  i.e. when driving on snow or ice,
In both of these examples the Ashcroft Torque Biasing  will limit the amount the difference in propshaft speed and transfer torque to the axle with traction.
The two big advantages are increased traction when unlocked and eliminating the weakness of the stock unlocked centre diff.

We also offer a spooled version of our stage boxes for off-road use only. Using syncro gearboxes clever designed spooled centre. Syncro Gearboxes designed Spool locks the differential giving permanent drive to front and rear outputs.
All differential pins and gears are removed and discarded.

HD output shaft:
This is not yet a standard feature on our stage boxes but may soon become one. A 300m output shaft is available as an added extra. We strongly recommend using one if you are competing in any type of racing and or running tyres bigger than 33 inch.

Gear-sets and Ratios:
All our builds use suffix C onwards gears. Gear sets used if standard ratio are good used core. We check all gears for any signs of wear or damage. Nearly all builds are fitted with a new OEM input gear.
Ratios available are

Custom inputs Gears:
We can supply a stage box with a custom input gear to suit ZF Cummins gearboxes boxes and Tremec T56 manual Gearboxes.

A two year warranty comes with all stage boxes! This covers any mechanical failure and oil leaks. Should you have any issues we will organise a collection repair any faults and return ASAP. 

Common questions are:
Can I still use diff lock with an ATB? Yes you can and should if you are in extreme off road situations.

What is US spec? US spec consists of a triple sleeved casing and a brand new OEM Gear-set.

To discuss or order a stage box please visit the website or email us at Lead-times are constantly changing but at current stand at 8 weeks. A price increase is due January 2022 however all orders placed before this date will be subject to current prices. All prices are on the website. No deposit is required to order one we take your order and will contact you the week before your new box is ready to organise payment and delivery.

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